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21 February - Happy Birthday to the creator of Guyver - Yoshiki Takaya!

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Max Factory is about to release a new 1/6 Guyver 1 action figure. This was shown at WonderFestival 2018 [Winter].

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18 January 2018 is 33 years since the first Guyver manga chapter was published! Guyver started in the first issue of the Monthly Shōnen Captain magazine back in 1985.

Note: although this issue was called February’s, but it was published in January.

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Guyver and Zeorymer figures. For those who don’t know: Zeorymer is another creation from Guyver’s author Yoshiki Takaya.

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Mad Duck Posters company has the license to produce new art and t-shirts based on the 1991 Guyver film. Come join the group on Facebook and vote for it to happen: https://www.facebook.com/groups/209531396249858

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Quick tactics to optimize your web pages

Quick tactics to optimize your web pages

As a website development agency, one of the basic principles that you’re taught for website design is that each and every page must be optimized – both for search engines and the various platforms that will be used to access the website. However, what points do you need to keep in mind to ensure that your website is well optimized?


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How To Make Your Business Successful

How To Make Your Business Successful

Is video an important part of your digital media strategy?

Videos are gaining popularity among consumers by the day. A report by Cisco predicted that video users are expected to reach 1.5 million by 2015. And a recent study by Adobe reveals a rise in the number of online video viewers. The study also stated that video consumption among consumers has increased to 43% in Q2 as compared to Q2 of…

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Social media presents brands with unpredictable and predictable opportunities. Always-on content addresses the unpredictable while predictable opportunities are dominated with a meticulously planned social media campaign.http://bit.ly/2rWPpcl

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Its important to have best social media strategy. Here are some tips for effective social media strategy. http://www.pulpstrategy.com/social-media-content

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Pulp Strategy is a leading content marketing agency, get in touch with us for content  related solutions. http://bit.ly/2pMoqyR

Creating Digital Content That Makes An Impact

Creating Digital Content That Makes An Impact

Digital Content That Makes Impact

Your brand’s content may be appropriate and highly valuable for consumers, but are they paying attention? A lot of messaging gets lost in transition simply because it lacks that extra punch. The trick is not to produce more content, but to make each piece of content more valuable, relevant, and compelling for your audience. The art of brand communication lies in…

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Experiential Marketing and Movie Promotions

Experiential Marketing and Movie Promotions


The film industry spends hundreds of billions of dollars every year to promote their movie through advertising. However, with the onslaught of messages that a human brain receives every day, the message is often lost. In the search for more creative and effective means to incite the audience into watching their movie, marketers have moved from advertising to product placement to finally,…

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The next real thing that drives your passion.Read More at http://bit.ly/2r8hujg

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Here are some social platforms for those who have niche interests.http://bit.ly/2rsA4mq

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Don’t patch your website’s experience into your app. Mobile is a world that needs due respect. Start here. http://bit.ly/2dv3WrT

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Yoshiki Takaya met with Steve Wang, Max Watanabe and others. Steve says in his Instagram: “The beginning of something wonderful when everyone is synchronized.” instagram.com/p/BULs4_xgx4b

E-commerce- now showing across multi-screens

E-commerce- now showing across multi-screens

eCommerce website development

The drastic drop in the prices of smartphones has been an essential factor in India’s high number of mobile penetration. Therefore, consumers are now looking forward to crisp and clear digital-lead content, which is easily deliverable through apps. This increasing number of smartphone usage has put a great amount of pressure on companies that were not too keen about mobile app development.


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Nuances of website design for mobile devices

Nuances of website design for mobile devices

mobile website development

Any website design company completely understands that the content access channels such as desktops and laptops are fast losing out to mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Statistics reveal a surprising bias towards mobile phones, to the extent that the number of users accessing websites and other content on mobile phones has started to exceed the number of users doing so on…

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Social Media Marketing Management

Social Media Marketing Management

Social Media Tools for online business

A buzz word in the digital domain for a number of years now, social media marketing has really become a proven commodity. From big brands like Oreo (The Daily Dunks campaign) and Starbucks (their utilization of Instagram), to start-ups like Zomato, social media has shown how unique content and thorough planning can build a loyal fan base for a brand, ultimately deriving a good rate of ROI. As any…

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